What is Rabies?


Rabies is a vaccine-preventable, viral disease affecting the central nervous system. Once symptoms are present, rabies is almost always fatal. So prevention and early treatment are crucial.

It is transmitted via bites, scratches and being licked by a rabid animal. Up to 99% of all human rabies infections are caused by a bite or scratch from an infected dog. However you can be infected by cats, bats and monkeys. In 2018 a man from the UK died after a cat scratch in Morroco.



Rabies exists on all continents, except Antarctica

The symptoms can include:
  • Pain and tingling/numbness around the site of the wound
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Sometimes a fear of water (hydrophobia)
  • As it spreads through the brain, it can cause hyperactivity, changes in consciousness and paralysis
  • If clinical signs of rabies appear and not been vaccinated then death can occur

If typhoid fever isn’t treated, the symptoms will continue to get worse over the following weeks and the risk of developing potentially fatal complications will increase.

To minimise your risk
  • Do not approach animals or attract stray animals by offering food
  • Be aware that certain activities may attract dogs (eg running, cycling)
  • Be extra careful when visiting temples with roaming animals eg monkeys
  • Get Vaccinated
2-85 yEAR OLDS
Ages (Years)2-85
Doses Required3
Schedule0,7,21 or 28
Boost required at2-5 years
18-65 * YEAR OLDS
Ages (Years)18-65 *
Doses Required3-4
Schedule0,3,7 & 365
Boost required at2-5 years
*accelerated schedule

Vaccination Price

The Rabies Vaccination costs £200 if you buy the full course of three vaccines together at the first appointment or £70 per dose ( 3 doses = £210) if purchased separately.

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